Rev. Marlon Hall


We will focus on creating practices for innovative listening and rituals of personal anthropology for that broaden participants’ capacity to love intimately, live boldly, and act effectively.

Key activities:
• Personal Alignment
• Creative Processes and Systems
• Flow + Transformation


This personal archeological journey will unearth therituals, practices, and values that unlock spiritual gifts.


With the eyes of an anthropologist, the heart of a mystic, and the experience of a former pastor, attendees will be invited to excavate the personal wisdom they want and reveal the prophetic passion their communities need through accessible anthropological experiences and self-care rituals.


Each attendee will experience a personal ​anthropological study that concludes with a
time of inquiry and poetic blessing. A fertile listening space rich with opportunities will be cultivated where attendees can grow the:
• rituals,
• values,
• and practices that awaken their spiritual gifts through self-care and personal wisdom.


​We want to control life more than we want to live it.
We are only as spiritually gifted as we are personally invested in knowing:
• who we are,
• why we are,
• and what we need.

The impact of a spiritual gift is directly proportional to the inquiry and commitment to self-care that must be cultivated like a seed. We have industrialized what was meant to be watered with mysticisms and fertilized with the crappy work of personal inquiry. Self-care has been mechanized for the purpose of institutional efficiency that misses a kind of spiritual efficacy and power that we must have in times like these.

“Three steps” to this process and “seven steps” to that model may make the matter of spiritual gifts seem more manageable, but they may miss the unmanageably beautiful side of our gifts that are mystical steps which make self-care seem controllable.